Clinical Exercise Physiologist – Cardiopulmonary Metabolic Stress Test (CMET) JobHouston, TX

Clinical Exercise Physiologist – Cardiopulmonary Metabolic Stress Test (CMET) JobHouston, TX

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The Leading Provider of In-Office Diagnostic Testing

Frontera provides physicians with a complete range of mobile diagnostic services to help accurately diagnose disease or identify a preventive course of action. Frontera brings the diagnostic expertise of heart, lung, vascular and neurological specialists into physicians’ offices. Making it easy for doctors and their patients, we use the latest equipment, clinical expertise and processes to help make patients healthy and physicians’ practices healthier.
Working under the supervision of the Operations Manager (OM), this position is responsible for administering and monitoring 12-Lead Cardiopulmonary diagnostic stress tests and Pulmonary Function exams in a field setting following Frontera protocols.
Exercise Physiologists (EP) in this position are required to assist with maintaining client accounts by means of educating physicians on clinical diagnoses and purposes for testing and have a general understanding of billing/insurance.
The candidate must also be able to demonstrate exceptional interpersonal social skills communicating with providers and ability to interact and adapt with professionalism to different circumstances and people.
This position is measured on utilization, field collections, customer experiences and Same Day Appointments (SDA).


  • Complete ECG’s, pulmonary function tests, and other metabolic analyses on patients while following protocols in the Standard Operating Procedures manual.
  • Upload exams by midnight and no late pending tech cases.
  • For new and existing practices, educate providers on how to retrieve and read their reports utilizing the educational Physician Guides.
  • Complete and maintain required certifications and continuing education, including CPR & ACLS and CCT May require CPFT, CCT (Certified Cardiographic Technician) and or ASCM certification depending on State.
  • Follow HIPAA standards and Frontera policy when handling & transferring confidential patient data.
  • Clean and maintain all clinical equipment and work vehicle in compliance with Frontera standards.
  • Complete Biologicals and report result to Clinical Operations Department on a quarterly basis
  • IDTF Compliance including documentation visible on CMET cart, Medicare credentialed where needed.
  • Maintain 85% of completed Field Overreads with a correction factor of <10%.
Maintain a utilization of 42% or greater.
Utilize time wisely by implementing the Yield Strategy, (e.g., Same Day Appointments). Take advantage of downtime by communicating to the providers, mid-levels and staff when you have open slots and would like to look through the patient’s schedule to determine if there are any at high-risk you can test that day.
Responsible for reducing the NS/CX percentage and increase utilization by quickly following up with patients that no show or cancel their testing appointment and reschedule.
Maintain less than 10% no show/cancellation per assigned practice.
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